This is Not Art

October 2, 2014

Get a Real Job

Sick of being asked about your plan b when that writing thing doesn’t work out? Come meet some writers who’ve made writing their day job.


Elizabeth Redman

Elizabeth Redman is a breaking news reporter at Business Spectator and has been published in The Australian, Crikey, The Big Issue, Junkee, Going Down Swinging, Eternity, Beat, Lip and The Emerging Writer. She edits academics at The Public Sentence, blogs at ...

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Claire Campbell

Claire Campbell is a South Australian regional journalist with Fairfax Media telling news in engaging, creative ways through printed word, video and social media. Meeting interesting folk and retelling their stories is my favourite part of her job.

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Amy Gray

Amy Gray is a writer, op-ed columnist and failed hikikomorist from Melbourne, Australia. Her work has appeared in the Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Guardian, SBS, ABC, Lifted Brow and Kings Tribune and other places who will pay her in cigarettes.

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