This is Not Art

October 2, 2014

Whose Identity Is It Anyway?

A discussion around identity, ownership and permission in writing. On why cis folks shouldn't try to speak for trans folk, and if it's ever okay to write about identities that are not your own.


Amy Gray

Amy Gray is a writer, op-ed columnist and failed hikikomorist from Melbourne, Australia. Her work has appeared in the Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Guardian, SBS, ABC, Lifted Brow and Kings Tribune and other places who will pay her in cigarettes.

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Kat Muscat

Kat Muscat is a Melbourne-based writer and editor, and former editor of Voiceworks. She appeared at the Emerging Writers’ Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival and Brisbane Writers Festival. Her fiction, critique and poetry has been published around the

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Heidi Pett

Heidi Pett is a journalist and radio producer with a passion for untold stories and collaborative projects. At present she's the Executive Producer and co-host of Backchat, FBi Radio’s news and politics show, and co-Features Executive Producer of ...

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Tamar Chnorhokian

Tamar has a communications degree in writing and publishing and has worked as a columnist, journalist and a freelance writer. Her first novel is The Diet Starts on Monday (SWEATSHOP, 2014).

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Luke Carman

Luke Carman is a doctoral candidate in the University of Western Sydney Writing and Society Research Centre and an associate director of SWEATSHOP: Western Sydney Literacy Movement. Luke's first novel is An Elegant Young Man (Giramondo, 2013).

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Sam Van Zweden

Sam Van Zweden reviews books for The Big Issue and Readings Monthly. She was an official Emerging Blogger for the Melbourne Writers’ Festival in 2012, and a blogging partner of Overland Poetry Festival in 2010 and 2011. She is the Online Editor for Writers ...

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