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October 2, 2014

Speaking in Tongues

When language is your greatest tool, is having a second, third or fourth language a help or hindrance? What influence does growing up with multiple languages have on writers? Supported by SA Writers' Centre.


Raelke Grimmer

Sponsored by SA Writers Centre

Raelke is a YA and children’s writer from Adelaide. Her first YA novel, Sleepwalking, was published in 2013 by US publisher, and her picture book What in the World? was published in 2010. She is a regular contributor to Lip Magazine. ...

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Johannes Jakob

Johannes Jakob is the Victorian-based publisher and editor at Hologram, a new project by Express Media publishing novellas by writers under 30. He's the fiction editor at The Lifted Brow and a co-host of the podcast JOMAD I Heard You Like Books?

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Wai Chim

Wai Chim is the author of the 'Chook Chook' series published by the University of Queensland Press. She started her first book about a 'daddy chicken' at age five; it came to three pages. It only took twenty years to write the rest!

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Stephen Pham

Stephen Pham worked in Tennant Creek with the Sweatshop NT Literary Initiative in 2013, and was chief editor of Unsweetened. His writing has appeared in Overland, RightNow.Org and Stories of Sydney (Sweatshop, Seizure, 2014) and he has been an intern at The Lifted ...

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