This is Not Art

October 2, 2014

Cultural Hierarchies in Music

Why is rock valued more highly than pop and folk valued more than rap? This panel explores cultural hierarchies in music and how new critics are challenging the status quo. Supported by QLD Writers' Centre.


Katie Mayors

Katie Mayors is a writer, ex-book publicist and radio host on Bondi Beach Radio's 'Wanderlust' travel and indie music show. She writes about music for award-winning blog Repeat Button and has been published in Cuttings journal.

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Faeza Lima

Sponsored by Queensland Writers Centre

I write and perform raps and spoken-word poetry. I did not start writing raps intentionally. It all started as something silly – just a joke – but it grew into something much more. I continued to develop until other people noticed that I had a talent ...

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Madeleine Laing

Madeleine Laing is Deputy Editor of Four Thousand, hosts a music show on 4ZZZfm and writes for streetpress The Music and music blog She her time trying to think of new words for guitar sounds. She has no current plans to move to Melbourne.

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Jane Howard

Jane Howard is an arts journalist, critic and researcher. Her work has appeared in Guardian Australia, ABC Arts Online, The Lifted Brow, the Adelaide Review and un Magazine. She has worked with the AusStage project, the Australia Council's Women In Theatre ...

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