This is Not Art

October 2, 2014

Everything You Wanted To Know About Design

Ever wondered what goes into designing a lit mag, a website or an anthology? Listen to this group of up-and-coming designers discuss their work, inspiration and the benefit of good design.


Finbah Neill

Finbah Neill is a Newcastle based designer, illustrator, and comic maker. He draws weekly illustrations to accompany flash fiction at Seizure Online, has been published in Voiceworks and the Grapple Annual, and is currently working on illustration and design for a ...

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Matt Roden

Matt Roden helps kids tell stories by day at the Sydney Story Factory, and by night helps adults admit to stupidity by co-running Confession Booth at Giant Dwarf Theater. He is a TV critic for, 2Ser and, on occasion, for ABC radio.

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David Henley

David Henley (Sydney) is the author of The Hunt for Pierre Jnr, the first volume in an epic sci-fi trilogy of mammoth proportions. He is also the co-founder and art-director at Seizure, and works for independent digital publishing company Xoum.

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