This is Not Art

October 2, 2014

My Favourite is Problematic

Who hasn't been crushed to discover that your favourite celebrity is kinda bigoted? Inspired by, we ask some of our fave pop culture writers to share how they cope.


Patrick Lenton

Patrick Lenton is a playwright, fiction writer and blogger. He is a regular contributor to Junkee, Going Down Swinging and Spook Magazine. He edits The Sturgeon General anthology of comedy writing and works as a Digital Marketer for Momentum Books.

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Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford is a writer, feminist and troublemaker living in Melbourne. She is a columnist for Fairfax’s Daily Life.

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Rebecca Shaw

Rebecca Shaw is a Brisbane-based freelance writer, twitter person, and co-host of comedy podcast 'Bring a Plate'.

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Elizabeth Flux

Elizabeth Flux is a freelance writer and editor who has been published in Film Ink, Metro, Junkee, Lip Magazine, Subterranean Death Cult, The Punch, and by herself on the blog she’s been writing from the age of fifteen. She is the current editor of ...

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Michelle Law

Michelle Law is an award-winning writer and screenwriter whose work has appeared in Destroying the Joint, Women of Letters, Growing up Asian in Australia and numerous Australian literary journals. She is the co-author (with her brother Benjamin Law) of the comedy ...

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