This is Not Art

October 2, 2014

More than icing/the whole cake

We all know technology is an amazing thing: microwaves, vibrators and iPhones, oh my!
And we all know that technology can be part of amazing Art, and Theatre, too. But how can we move beyond it being a nice addition to performance? We talk about works that include technology as integral characters or elements, and how you can do it too.


Daniel Flood

Panel: More than icing/the whole cake Crack Theatre Festival

Daniel has extensive experience in community arts and creative technology engagement. Daniel has worked with the youth of Queensland through Backbone Youth Arts, La Boite Theatre Company and the Brisbane City Council.

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Grant Moxom

Epiphany Now Project '84: Part One., Crack Theatre Festival

Grant Moxom is an interactive media artist with a love of video games and analogue signals. Drawing upon his background in IT, a BSc in Psychology and a Ba with Honours in Performance Studies, Grant Moxom’s work explores the fears and fascinations of an ...

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Mike Willmett

Poetry is Dead Crack Theatre Festival

Mike Willmett (Meeksounds) is a Brisbane based visual/sound/composer/musician/designer/artist whose work frequently revolves around the relationship between sound and space—in particular, to manipulate the perspective of an audience.

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Adrian Garner

Do. Crack Theatre Festival

Adrian is a designer/electronics technician who fixes and hacks old things –making them as interesting (or more) than the e-waste we're convinced to buy. With the Roost Collective, Adrian provides web/tech support for local organisations and collaborates ...

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