This is Not Art

October 2, 2014

Crack Family Dinner: I’ve Loved You for the Longest Time

Durational performance and installations are slowly making their way more often into mainstream venues and festivals. What are the installations or durational works that have inspired and excited you? What is next for the form? How long can they go for? Join our patient artists working with duration or installation as a medium and talk about how they do it.


Robbie Karmel

Hapticity Crack Theatre Festival

Robbie Karmel is currently completing a Masters by Research in Fine Art at the College of Fine Art, Sydney. His practice has been a sustained inquiry into the processes, methods, theories, and experiences of drawing.

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Lukus Robbins and Dario Vacirca

Is This Your Life Crack Theatre Festival

Open Space artist Lukus and artistic director Dario started collaborating in 2013. Both share a fascination with interactive conversation and the physical acts of the everyday. They have formed an exploratory working relationship currently manifesting through the ...

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