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October 2, 2014

Crack Family Dinner: It's the End of the World As We Know It

Humans have been preoccupied with the end of the world throughout the ages, but with climate change making real strides to our imminent downfall, and many people worrying about what conservative new laws and invasive terms and conditions mean for society, the conversation is really getting heated (ahem). Join our apocalyptically-minded artists for a big talk about their work, what other work is out there, and what this means to us as performance makers and people on Earth.


Sabrina D'Angelo

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow! Crack Theatre Festival

Sabrina is a theatre maker working in physical comedy and puppetry. Her most recent solo show Why Do I Dream? won Best Comedy and was nominated for Stand Out Performer at the New Zealand Fringe Festival 2014.

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Selena de Carvalho

The Evolutionary Straitjacket: Climate Change Karaoke Crack Theatre Festival

Selena de Carvalho is a cross-disciplinary artist who uses technology and creativity as a means to raise questions as opposed to providing answers. Selena is the recipient of state and national funding for individual and collaborative projects and is currently the ...

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Aviva Reed

The Evolutionary Straitjacket: Climate Change Karaoke Crack Theatre Festival

Aviva Reed is a visual ecologist. Using her interdisciplinary skills, she communicates knowledge of ecology, place based exploration and scientific concepts through visual and theatrical experiences. Aviva has focused on scientific education through art and ...

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Aaron Kirby and Eleanor Malbon

Eucapocolypts Now Crack Theatre Festival

Aaron Kirby and Eleanor Malbon are poets from Canberra interested in questions of human society and the earth from which it blooms

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